Adventures in vegetarian ramen!

I’d had my eye on the vegetarian soy milk ramen from Just One Cookbook for the last month or two; despite having lived in Japan twice, I’ve never had ramen as it’s pretty near impossible to find a vegetarian version (most use pork or chicken bones in the stock). Since I just unfinished unpacking and organizing most of my kitchen tools, I decided to take the plunge.

I followed the recipe to the letter (I only used half the dobianjang as it was spicy!) and topped with slices of smoked tofu, pickles, shiitake and green onion. Although it was supposed to serve one, I only used half the package of ramen noodles and have broth left over for tomorrow’s dinner.

Layers of flavor are created through aromatics (ginger, garlic, onions), miso and fermented bean paste, and umami-rich dashi, then soy milk is slowly stirred in. If you’ve ever had real, fresh soy milk from Taiwan or Japan, you will know how excellent it is – no comparison between the watered-down processed product sold in the US. I added slices of smoked tofu and shiitake for some protein and a “meaty” bite.

Definitely a repeat!

See full recipe at

Making kombu dashi with kombu and dried shiitake
Grinding toasted sesame seeds to go in the stock

Finished ramen – yum!

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  1. I love this! Looks so delicious! I enjoy all kinds of vegetables and I can imagine how delicious it is… 🙂 Thank you for linking to my original recipe. I really appreciate it! I heard it’s been warm and cold changing everyday in Japan… take good care!

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  2. joosbornenc says:

    Looks amazing. Bet it was delicious.

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