Bundt Lust featured on 1000Cookbooks!


1000 cookbooks.png

I’m so honored to be asked to contribute a list of my Top 10 Cookbooks over on 1000Cookbooks.com…I’m in esteemed company. Many famous chefs and authors (including Ottolenghi and many mutual Facebook friends) have also given their Top 10. I put a fair bit of time into choosing titles that would be different from many mainstream lists – you’ll find Japanese vegan temple cuisine, Azerbaijani dumplings, and curries on my list along with Ana Sortun’s upcoming “Soframiz” (which will be my Cookbook of the Year; I’m currently reading / cooking from an advance copy). I also included my Spotify kitchen playlist, which is full of great international gems (French, Spanish, Greek, Japanese) and classic Motown. Enjoy!

See my full list here: http://app.1000cookbooks.com/people/sarah-hodge 

Groove along to my kitchen playlist here.




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