Skinnytaste Fast and Slow

Ever since losing 30 pounds a decade ago, I’ve looked for ways to trim fat and calories from recipes to create healthier versions of classic dishes. I also love to maximize my very limited kitchen space by utilizing my slow cooker, so when I heard that Skinnytaste was coming out with a sophomore cookbook revolving around slow cookers and quick prep, I was excited. I do not own the first Skinnytaste book, although I’m very familiar with it from friends’ blogs and online reviews, so I was eager to see why so many people love the blog.
Beginning with breakfasts (including eggs, breakfast bowls, casseroles and baked oatmeal), you’ll also find ideas for soups and stews, zoodles and squashta, tacos, meat, poultry and seafood, meatless mains, side dishes and desserts. Handy color-coded labels tell if a recipe uses a slow cooker, pressure cooker, is vegetarian, can be frozen ahead, etc. Reflecting the book’s title, each chapter is divided into fast and slow recipes. There are many great ideas for slow cooker soups to warm up chilly fall and winter days. 

The book kicks off with a handy guide to pantry staples and meal prep basics (including a month of meal plans),  then launches into simple, healthy breakfast options like avocado toast. Many recipes are internationally influenced, from sesame noodles and harissa lamb ragu to Mexican shakshuka, coconut veggie curry and slow cooker tikka masala.

I appreciated that measurements for vegetables were also given in ounces to cups and vice versa; vague measurements like “one onion” leave a lot of room for interpretation, but knowing that five baby book choy weigh approximately 6.5 oz. or that 3 oz. spiralized zucchini is 1 cup is something I’ve not run across in other cookbooks.

Each recipe also includes a detailed nutritional breakdown of calories, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, sugar and sodium to help you make smart choices and stay on target.

Overall, this is a book I will find myself returning to frequently, particularly for its slow cooker recipes!

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