An update from BundtLust

To my BundtLust subscribers and readers: Thank you for your interest and readership over the last two years – just celebrated its two-year anniversary!
After nearly a decade of reviewing cookbooks for Amazon, GoodReads, various online publications and now my blog, it’s a bit bittersweet to announce that Bundt will be taking a break from cookbook reviewing – I’ll still be posting reviews, just not with as much frequency as in the past. Once I review the remaining 15 or so books in my review pile, I’ll be posting updates much less frequently. It’s been my honor to network with many well-known cookbook authors, publicists and publishers, and I hope my reviews have introduced you to some fantastic new cookbooks and authors that you may not otherwise have heard of (I love to feature lesser-known cuisines and regions). 
I’ve decided to move on and focus on making the most of my time in Japan, including dusting off some long-neglected hobbies. I hope to launch a new website about my travels and daily life here in Japan at a new address, more news to come!
Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season,

The last of my “to review” pile…

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